Winning at online casino – guide to online casinos

Winning at online casino – guide to online casinos

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but one thing remains unchanged: we can get the most vivid emotions only when playing in the casino online! is a guide to the world of online casinos. Here below you can find our top online casino bonuses:

Winning at online casino

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but one thing remains unchanged: we can get the most vivid emotions only when playing in the casino online! is a guide to the world of online casinos. Here below you can find our top online casino bonuses:

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You’ll find reviews of casino websites to play for real money, of new casino online, of the best internet casino, as well as articles on the most popular games (blackjack, baccarat, poker, live casino, bingo, craps, roulette, sports, video poker, keno, scratch cards and, of course, we review the slot machines and promotions, determine the best online casinos and provide the most detailed review of the existing casinos on our website. Despite the fact that there are countless online casinos with the possibility of playing for money nowadays, it is very important to be able to pick up a website that best suits your needs. Keep an eye on our blog.

What is an online casino?

Online casino is a form of online entertainment based on gambling for real or virtual money through the Internet.

What does it consist of?

Any online casino consists of three main components:

  1. Website Any gambling venue begins with the home page. It displays basic information about the casino online that is the most relevant for the gambler (what software is used, which auditor conducts checks, etc.). The home page must have the following sections:
    • About us– information about the owners, registration and license of the website, as well as contact coordinates;
    • FAQ– ontains the most frequently asked questions and answers (it is better to carefully examine this section before you contact technical support service);
    • Terms and conditions– you will find the terms of the agreement and the public contract here;
    • Games Preview– a page featuring game screenshots.
  2. Gambling client (aka gambling software and games). Strictly speaking, this is the casino itself. Software (gambling client) is a program that runs on either your PC (downloadable version) or on the server (non-downloadable flash or java version). This program contains a set of different games offered by a particular gambling venue.
  3. Bank (Cashier). Bank in the downloadable version is built directly into the casino software, while in the case of non-downloadable version it is a special section of the website. All monetary transactions, i.e. settlements between the casino and the gambler, take place here. An electronic cashier acts as a bank. Any gambler can replenish their gambling account (make a deposit) or withdraw winnings in this component. Cashier offers all the possible methods of depositing/withdrawing money supported by the website. Comp points or gambling chips collected through loyalty program are exchanged for money here as well. Bonus points in some casinos are also accrued through the cashier (a gambler specifies special bonus codes here).

What kind can they be?

The virtual gambling venues are typically divided by the type of gambling software. There are downloadable casinos – the gambler must download the program from the official website and install it on their computer. With regard to non-downloadable software, as the name implies, you do not need anything installed here. Such casinos are in turn divided into:

  • Java– internet casino games written in the Java programming language;
  • Flash– internet casino games written in Flash;
  • HTML– games running in the browser (may be both Java and Flash). Non-downloadable games can only be played from the browser and when connected to the network. The downloadable version can be played offline, but only for virtual money (chips).
Where are they located?

You already know that any casino online consists of three components, each of which is represented by different, unrelated companies. This greatly complicates the determination of the exact location of the internet casino. However, the owner of the trademark and website always takes the first place. These companies are usually registered in various offshore jurisdictions. The site is usually located on the main server, which can be located anywhere (but most often it is in the country where the owner is registered). The main server stores all the important information for the casino, including personal data of the gamblers. All the monetary transactions between the bank and the gambler (electronic merchant) pass through it as well. Software is downloaded from the servers of the company that has developed and presented these casino games online. For example, a reputable company English Harbour New Venture Ltd., which is the owner of the group of popular respectable casinos, is registered and licensed by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Its servers are also located there.

The owner may be a company that has a license that allows to engage in gambling. The license shall be issued by the authorized bodies of the country in which the company is registered. As a rule, these companies are registered in offshore zones of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao, Costa Rica, etc.

Does online casino gamble fairly?

Game fairness is ensured by a special RNG program (Random Number Generator) built into the gambling client. Frankly speaking, the debate about honesty has always been, is and will always be. Any program is written by people, and nobody can guarantee the complete absence of errors or failures. As with any software, there will always be both advocates and dissatisfied users.